Renewable energy sources (small hydro, solar power)

  • Design of a new and reconstruction of existing small hydro power plants, design of solar power plants

Frequency regulation and soft start and soft stop of asynchronuous motors

  • Design, delivery and commissioning of the unit

Reactive power compensation in the plants with asynchronuous motors and asynchronuous generators, eliminating of harmful effects caused by current harmonics generated into the grid

  • Calculation and conception of the reactive power compensators according to the requierments of each plant; delivery, installation and putting into operation

Proces automation (level, pressure, flow rate, temperature, speed controls; fluid dosage; local and remote control)

  • Conception and sizing of the device according to the requirements of the respective processes; delivery, installation, and putting into operation 

Development and study works

  • Solving of actual problems in the process, drive or plant; finding new solutions to specific requirements; development of new measuring and control circuits and devices

Professional expertises

  • The study of specific conditions and events; suggestion for improvement

Energy saving – energy audits of the plants

  • Determing of existing conditions of the particular equipment, evaluation of existing solutions due to energy consumption and efficiency, proposed measures for the improvement and for lower power consumption

Reconstruction and maintenace of the equipment

  • Analysis of existing equipment and existing solutions, proposals for reconstruction in order to improve the characteristics of the equipment; maintenance

Making of the documentation for operation and maintenance

  • Making of books with rules for operation of the eqiupment or plant , making of books with rules for maintenance of the equipment or plant

Supervision and design

  • Supervision of construction of electric power and industrial plants
  • Design of electrical installations and systems

Delivery of equipment and spare parts

  • Delivery of equipment and specific spare parts in accordance with existing needs of the user or with special requirements of project documents

Representation, sales and technical advices for the use of solenoid valves produced by JAKŠA from Ljubljana (valves for water, air, gas, steam, aggresive media); coils: standard and exsplosion proof

  • Selection of appropriate model and size of solenoid valve depending on the media and pressure-flow conditions in a respective hydraulic or pneumatic installation as well as of control voltage and another environmental conditions
  • Sales of solenoid valves

Delivery of equipment and spare parts for steam installations (valves, steam flow control valves without auxiliary supply and with auxiliary supply, steam pressure regulators – reducing valves, steam traps, strainers)

  • Selection and sizing of particular equipment according to the particular requiremens and conditions in an installation
  • Sales of equipment

Application and sales of valves and equipment from other manufacturers

  • Selection and sizing according to the particular requirements
  • Sales of valves and equimpent