ELIT Company Ltd. was founded in 1992 with the intention of providing a technical support to the industry in terms of reconstruction and modernization of existing plants, automation of new plants and maintenance of drives and plants (supply of special spare parts and  introduction of innovations in the organization of maintenance). It was possible because of the acquired theoretical and practical experience of its staff. From the founding until today, in cooperation with our partners and users of our services, we have succesfully made a series of activities of professional and technical nature relating to the study tasks, expert analysis, energy audits of power plants and electric drives, making a proposal for the reconstruction of plants, planning of reconstruction and new systems, supervision, supply and installation of the devices and the specific spare parts etc. We have experience in the application of devices for frequency control of induction motors in the cranes, pumps and industrial machinery drives, soft starters for induction motors in pump and fan drives, and the design of new and upgrading of existing devices for reactive power compensation in industrial plants with asynchronous electric motors, even in drives with asynchronous generators. We specialize in the selection, implementation and delivery of solenoid and other valves for water, air, gas, steam, corrosive media, etc. We design and supervise the construction and reconstruction of renewable energy sources (small hydro, solar power). We are constantly developing and expanding our activities in order to successfully solve the needs of our customers.